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"Gospel Justice" by Bruce Strom

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"Gospel Justice" by Bruce Strom 102


"Gospel Justice" by Bruce Strom

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Can a justice system that doesn’t protect the poor be considered truly just? We have all heard the phrase, “You have the right to an attorney.” But did you know this is only true for those being accused of a crime in our country, not their victims? Without a legal advocate, innocent victims are left to fend for themselves. The church is called to do justice and love mercy. We are given the example of the Good Samaritan serving a victim in need, no matter the stigmas attached. But how are we to do this amidst the complexities of the current system? Bruce Strom left a successful legal career to start Administer Justice, a nonprofit organization who to empower vulnerable neighbors with the help of a lawyer and the hope of God’s love. Gospel Justice calls churches across the nation to transform lives by serving both the spiritual and legal needs of the poor through starting Gospel Justice Centers in their own community.


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